My Superhero♥️

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Once in a lifetime, we meet someone who makes our life more meaningful.

It’s that one person who unexpectedly gate crash into our lives and make it even more happier.

You are not really interested in meeting someone new. You just have a normal life with every normal stuffs going around.

There, he comes like a superhero with super magical powers.

When you see him, he makes your heart skip a beat. He makes you feel more graceful. He brings out the shy person in you. He has the magnetic power to pull you into him. You can do nothing about it. You just fall for him.

Sometimes, you forgot your own self. He surprises you at the middle of the road and makes you behave like a crazy monkey. Yes, he will! You’ll never realize how monkeyish you were. It happens.!

He’ll be your true friend always. He loves hanging out with you. He’ll use his powers to handle your mood swings. He never gets tired of listening to your pointless drama all the time. He knows what you actually wanted. May be, he has the super power of mind reading. Who knows?

He has the superpower of healing factor, more like a pain killer. He was there for me when things fell apart. He was the one who kissed my scars. No matter how many times I fall, he picked me up every single time. He boosted up my courage and confidence. He cured my illness, he healed me.

Ever imagined of a teacher never getting tired to explain every single topic, again and again and again.? Just because you are so stupid to understand everything of your own. Teaching is his superpower too. He has taught me to handle every critical situation, to handle my ups and downs. He even tells me how to react to it. He made me explore the hidden side of myself.

I am glad that I got this lovely soul with me. I hope everyone will get this kind of superhero who will make their life extraordinary. But, mine will always be the best and unique, I bet😉.. he is a living superhero! The love of my life..❤️



Passionate writer, dreamer and everything I could be..

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